The Maison


Gianni Carità jewels combine the refined taste of tradition with the modern interpretation of the jewel. Style, classy and preciousness, then as now, are the most important features of Gianni Carità’s jewels.

The fine aesthetic taste is reflected in a design with a strong identity to satisfy both the most formal demand together with the latest fashion trends.

Stylish and modern women, full in line with the latest fashion trends, celebrities, successful women in everyday life look with admiration the creations of Gianni Carità.


Vincenzo Carità opened his first workshop two century ago. He was only 30, in the 1834, but he gained the recognition he deserved at the Bourbon ‘s court. The Austrian queen Maria Teresa chose to wear one of his necklace, a very exclusive and refined masterpiece, so Carità’s workshop, in the old goldsmith’s quarter “il Borgo degli Orefici” near the harbor, became the home of a group of young and talented people eager to be educated by him.

A Carità Giovanni and then again a Vincenzo (these two names rigorously alternate one after the other over the time) has driven the workshop first and then the company, present all over the world, from United States to Japan. The merit of the transformation has to be attributed to the entrepreneurial attitude of Gianni Carità, who has driven the company starting from the mid-seventies. According to the dictates of modern management and business organization, Gianni Carità set the foundations to create a world- wide success and gained the recognition as Cavaliere del Lavoro, in the October of 1997.

Today Gianni Carità & Figli SPA is one of the most important jewelry company of Italy.

From Borgo Orefici ti Tarì 
In the mid-nineties Gianni Carità & Figli SPA moved its production facilities and commercial offices to Tarì, in Marcianise near Napoli, whose Gianni Carità is the founder and the president. The Tarì, which is named from an ancient gold coin, hosts companies operating in the design, manufacture and sale of jewelry, gold and coral. The goldsmith center takes up about 130,000 square metres and employs more than thousand people. There are about 300 companies that decided to settle in the Tarì, creating a unique model in the world to attest once again the skills and innovativeness of Gianni Carità.


Gianni Carità jewels are created in the heart of the factory, all made with a meticulous attention to the smallest details thanks to the expert hands of our artisans.

Each stone is stuck with the maximum care in order to not ruin its natural beauty, every small imperfection is eliminated thanks to a careful quality control carried out with an extreme caution. Every day our artisans work to create jewels for women. Gianni Carità’s firm is pressed on every single item as guarantee of quality and excellent workmanship.